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1e Congres

Hieronder de aankondiging van het 1e Europees congres, dat afgelopen jaar plaats vond. Het verslag volgt.

The first European Bromeliad Congress

  • 14, 15 & 16 September 2007 at the Utrecht University Botanic Gardens
  • How to get there by car, click here to get a map
From the initiative of the German and the Dutch/Belgian Bromeliad societies, the first European Bromeliad Congress will take place in September 2007 at the Utrecht University Botanic Gardens. We estimate that about 100 persons will attend and we hope some people from outside the two societies will participate in the congress. Feel free to contact me if you need more information. The language will be English with translation to German and Dutch.

Hope to meet you there!!!


Friday, 14. September 2007

Botanic Garden Utrecht

  • 13.00 hr: Welcome and Guided tour in the Bromeliad Collection of the Botanic Garden (English and German translation)
  • 15.30 hr: Country, people and Bromeliads of the region Merida, Venezuela Slide show by Frank Höpfel, Leipzig
(German with English/Dutch translation) / Discussion about Variants of Racinaea seemannii (Baker) M.A.Spencer & L.B.Smith / And Racinaea hauggiae (Rauh) J.R. Grant has been refound
  • 17.00 hr we will leave for the Hotel in De Bilt „De Biltsche Hoek“
  • 18.30 hr: Plant presentation
  • 9.30 hr: Dinner and social meeting, auction

Saterday, 15. September 2007

Botanic Garden Utrecht

  • 9.30 hr: Plant market
  • 11.00 hr: Meeting of the Societies
  • 13.30 hr: Lunch Pause
  • 14.30 hr: Collecting Bromeliads for the Flora of Ecuador - Digital-slide show by Eric Gouda, Utrecht
(English/German/Dutch translation)
  • End ca. 17.00 hr

Sunday, 16. September 2007 (additional)

  • 9.30 hr: Corn. Bak BV in 1566 AA Assendelft, Dorpsstraat 11-B - Guided tour in the Nursery


  • DBG invitation/information (German PDF)
  • BCG invitation/information (Dutch PDF)
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1e Congres